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CMC Antlers

AROUND the resort

You don't know what to do? Here is a few ideas for you!


Tourists can relive the experience of the original visitors who came to Waterton with the most thrillingly and authentically way – by horseback.

Guided Horseback Adventures in Waterton Park and outside:


You also can decide to discover the park on your own favorite companion's back and enjoy numerous trails

by yourself.

Rowe lakes, Snowshoe or Wishbone trail offer easy to challenging routes for horse lovers.


Popular hikes in the area:

  • Police Outpost loop


  • Cameron lake shore

  • Bears Hump

  • Red Rock Canyon

  • Bertha Lake loop

  • Crandell Lake trail

  • Crypt Lake (challenging)

  • Carthew Anderson trail (challenging)


Police Outpost Park is a particular great spot for bird watching. 

The Outpost Wetland, is a diverse complex of willow thickets, sedge meadows and emergent vegetation that provides important habitat for many wildlife species and makes up one of the most productive bird habitats in this region.


Regarding Waterton Park, no protected areas of similar size in the Rockies offers as much biodiversity.

Nature lovers from all over the world are drawn to this fascinating ecological wonder “where the mountains meet the prairies”.

Keep an eye open, you will likely spot a bear!

CMC Family of bears

As the road is paved from the resort to Police Outpost Lake (just a few kilometers) and not very busy, mounting your bike and drive to the lake will be one of the best way to enjoy your day and the breathtaking view over the Chief Mountain!


With more than 200 miles of trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, it is not surprising that adventure-seeking cyclists are drawn to the alpine slopes and valleys each year.

People with less need for steep pitches and velocity will find cycling around Waterton to be a great way to see the park at a speed that allows them to take in every inch of Rocky Mountain splendor.


Police Outpost Lake is located 2min drive from the resort.

It offers a great spot for those fond of paddling, kayaking and fishing!

You also can bring your own boat and enjoy a view over the Chief Mountain while soaking the sun.

(Paddle and kayak rentals will be soon available at Chief Mountain Cabins).


Waterton Lakes National Park (30 min from Chief Mountain Cabins) lives up to its name where water enthusiasts are concerned.

It offers a Rocky Mountain spectacular alpine lakes and bays that connect for miles.

You will find boat cruising on Waterton lake, paddle or canoes rentals (Cameron Lake will blow your mind!), water skiing or wind sailing and even, scuba diving!

We heard that “Gertrude”, an old paddle wheeler built in the early 1900’s, lies on the bottom of Emerald Bay at a depth of 20 meters, creating an added sense of adventure.

  • Cross country skiing

  • Snowshoeing

  • Backcountry skiing

  • Ice climbing

  • Tobogganing

  • Trail biking

CMC St Stephen's Church

Along the road from Cardston, you will see

the St Stephen's of Hungary Catholic Church built in 1907, named to honor the settlers from Austria and Hungary.

*Please contact us for more points of interest in the area.

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